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Surrey County Council’s Consultation
on the future of Children’s Centres

Dear Walton and Elmbridge Residents,

First of all thank you for all your support this year. This year we had over 10,000 visits to the centre. I am not sure where the year has gone but here we are again and it’s Christmas. We hope that it’s a good one for all of you.

If you haven’t completed the children’s centre consultation please try and do so. I know it can be a really busy and often stressful time of the year but it would really help all the centres in Elmbridge if you took 10 minutes to complete the consultation.

Please be mindful of the questions asked and how you answer them. Whilst I agree with the principles, I do not agree that we can fulfill those principles by closing the centres.

Where possible use the drop down boxes to add in your personal experiences of how you have used the services, what you would miss and why if these were no longer available to you. Moving forward we would not be able to offer services in the same way. If you need any help with completing this please contact the centre. I will send one final reminder before Christmas, so apologies if you have already completed this, thank you.

This is a public consultation and this will be your only opportunity to have your say.

Nikki Gray

Walton Children’s Centre


Spread the word... only 2,000 responses have been received on the children’s centre consultation, 8,000 have been received for recycling! Have your say!

Anyone can complete the consultation document, partners, friends, family...
Speak to your local councillors
Post on social media

As a direct result of Surrey County Councils new initiative, 4 out of 7 Children’s Centres in Elmbridge are under threat of closure. Those at risk of closure are;

  1. -Burhill (Hersham)

  2. -Weybridge

  3. -DIttons

  4. -Claygate & Oxshott

Two areas to have centres to remain open are - Walton and East Molesey (Three Rivers) and there will be the provision of a satellite centre in Cobham. However it cannot be confirmed where these might be situated.

The link can be found here


or you can come in to the centre for a paper copy.

Some facts:

  1. -Surrey’s Children’s Services were rated inadequate by OFSTED in 2018, this rating does not include the impact of the Children’s Centres on early intervention and preventative support.

  2. -Surrey say they want the introduction of a Family Resilience Strategy. As part of this initiative the Children’s Centres will be re-modelled to support this strategy and this will include extending current services from 0-5 years old to include 0-11 years old. Currently there are over 9,000 children under 5 in Elmbridge.

  3. -The proposal reveals plans to reduce the number of Children’s Centres in Surrey from 58 to 21.

Children’s Centres already have a ‘whole’ family approach.

This isn’t new.

Where will you all go? ........ In the last 5 years, Elmbridge Children’s Centres have provided services to over 240,000 families and children.

Elmbridge Children’s Centres have run 1000s of development targeted play sessions, first aid courses, support for new mothers, domestic abuse support, parenting programmes, communication groups, back to work and training advice and supported the Elmbridge health teams with on-site clinics. This is in addition to all the universal services such as play & learn sessions, music classes, mother and baby groups, children’s exercise and dance sessions etc.

What does this mean?

Currently it is not known:

    - What targeted services can be provided

    - If any universal services will be available, Surrey will not provide this funding.

    - Where any targeted and universal services can be provided from. As yet there is no agreement.

    - What the overall implications are for all the Elmbridge parents with 0-11.

It will not be the same even for those centres that are scheduled to remain open.

There will be undoubtedly be a huge impact and loss of services for families in Elmbridge and throughout of Surrey as a result of these centres closing.

What does this mean for Walton families?

    - A children’s centre is planned to stay open in Walton. It is hoped that this will be where it is currently is now at Grovelands School but there has    

      been no final decision or agreement on this as yet.

    - Services will be limited. Few affordable and suitable community spaces available to rent in the area. Weekly drop in services will be a thing of the


Transport is expensive
minimum of £6 to travel anywhere in Elmbridge
Could you afford to pay private mother and child groups?
Do you that at volunteer run sessions, you could get the same advice and help that you do now (or have previously)?
What do you need to do?

The first step is to go online and look at the Family Resilience Consultation Phase 1 - Children’s Centres. It can be found at 
Take time to understand what the questions that are being asked really mean.
Some of the questions are very broad - think about the impact on you and not just the more vulnerable families Surrey mention. In this way we hope you will not be providing a mandate for agreeing to the closures.
Use the comments/free text boxes on the questionnaire to raise concerns, ask questions or expand the reason for your answer.

Thank you for your Support