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Do you find your son doesn’t listen or only listens when he wants to?

Do you find yourself shouting more at your son?

This is a 4 week course that looks a range of topics and strategies to hopefully make life easier.

  1. -the difference between boys and girls

  2. -how to talk to boys so they listen and do what you want

  3. -how to get the best out of boys

  4. -what motivates boys

This course is for Mums of boys aged 2-5 year olds. The reason it is not suitable for younger boys is that some of the things we look at and may want to try need to be developmentally appropriate. Children need to have a level of understanding and be able to understand what is required for some of the techniques to work. This is not a parenting programme - it’s a place where you can think about when things go wrong, tantrums,  not doing as they’re told, and how we might change some of the things we do. It’s not a telling you how to discipline or bring your up boys. It’s more about looking at the differences between boys and girls and what we can change. Parents who have attended have been very surprised that the techniques have worked so quickly and life is becoming less of a battle. It’s not a quick fix, and there’s no magic wand and thing won’t change in a day but it might just help you get a better understanding into how boys and even men think and see the world. And yes, we do cover multi-tasking!! We also know that boys sometimes struggle with reading and writing when they come into school and we discuss ways of trying to help you work with them and how we can get boys to enjoy these things.

So if you have a boy who doesn’t always listen when you ask him to stop doing something then find out more. Nikki  (Centre manager) has run this course lots of times with parents who have said how great it’s been to get a better understanding and life has not been so much of a battle. It is not a parenting programme but offers simple strategies and techniques for you to try out. For further information on the course, please speak to Nikki.

Dates: Wednesday evenings - 23rd, 30th January, 6th & 13th February

Times: 7.00pm-8.30pm

Venue: Walton Children’s Centre, Sandy Lane, Walton on Thames, KT12 2EQ

Booking required

For Mums with children aged 2-5yrs only

Boys will be boys - Boys will be brilliant - Are you a mum of a 2-5 year old boy?

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